EXPOCANNABIS URUGUAY and Cannabis Guide are organized by Uruguay Siembra, a collective group that since the 2014 works entirely dedicated to facilitate the access to information on the medical, therapeutic and industrial uses of cannabis and hemp. Promoting the creation of innovative activities and alternative technologies, with a huge potential for the social, economic and technological development of the country and its region. Looking forward to create the consolidation of a policy that guarantees the rights, health and public safety, without promoting the consumption of psychoactive cannabis.

Mercedes Ponce de León

Her relationship with cannabis began in his youth, then she played an active role in 2004 in favor of legalization in Uruguay. She spent several years traveling the world discovering the realities of cannabis in countries such as Morocco, Holland, Spain, Gambia, Senegal, Colombia and the United States.

In 2008, she began his work in the cannabis industry in California and from there she never stopped. Always looking for a way to bring  to Uruguay the knowledge and experiences found outside. That is how in 2013, while discussing law 19,172 in the Uruguayan Parliament, she decided to generate a platform that provides quality information and that helps to stigmatize the plant. This is how Expocannabis Uruguay began to take shape thanks to the Uruguay Siembra collective.

Mercedes is a local reference in the subject and has promoted the creation of the Chamber of Medicinal Cannabis in Uruguay, has also participated in several activities of the sector, the most recent was the forum ‚ÄúEntrepreneurs in the medical cannabis industry in Uruguay‚ÄĚ, organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (CIE) of the ORT Uruguay University.

Mercedes strongly believes that the cannabis industry will continue to grow exponentially and will bring innovation and substantial changes in various areas that today cannot even be imagined.

Contact: mercedes@expocannabis.uy