Ing. Eduardo Blasina, Lic. Clara Musto, Dr. Leonardo Costa |


This activity gathers local experts of different subjects, to analyze the implementation of Law 19.172, bringing a broad perspective on the current situation and future forecasts. Emphasizing on medicinal, social, legal and economic matters and without leaving out any emerging potentialities of cannabis regulation in Uruguay.


Lic. Martín Rodríguez | Uruguay
Executive Director of IRCCA
He has a degree in Political Science, graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UDELAR). He is a Professor of Political Science at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration of the same University. Since the year 2008 he had different roles in the Public Administration. In the Ministry of Public Health he was the Director of the Department of Social Analysis of the Division Health Economy and he also was Director of the Unit of Analysis of Conjuncture. In the Ministry of Social Development he was the National Director of Territorial Management. He is currently the Executive Director of the Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA) of Uruguay.


Dr. Leonardo Costa | Uruguay
Attorney, former Assistant Secretary to the Presidency of The Eastern Republic of Uruguay (2000-2005).


Lic. Clara Musto | Uruguay
Social Sciences graduate, member of Proderechos, an Uruguayan social organization devoted to the reform of drug policy and regulation of markets, amongst other lines of work. In 2011, during her last year as a student in the UDELAR, she joined the Criminality and Violence Analysis Nucleus (NACVI) of its Social Sciences Department, taking part in research and consultancy related to these topics. In 2013, Clara got the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a Doctorate in Global and Cultural Criminology in Kent’s University (England) and Utrecht University (Holanda). Since then, she’s specialized in organized crime, illegal economies and corruption. She is currently a researcher for Monitor Cannabis, and coordinator of the Postgraduate diploma on Drugs, Regulation Policies and Control, in the UDELAR.


Eduardo Blasina | Uruguay
Agronomist and cannabis industry entrepeneur. He’s the director of the Cannabis Museum in Montevideo. He’s also the director of Blasina and Associates, a consulting firm devoted to analyzing markets and advising agribusiness investors. He worked as a professor of Agrarian Economics in the UDELAR and the ORT University. He’s supportive of the legalization of cultivation and the regulation of cannabis sales. He participated in the tender of cannabis production for pharmacy sale, attaining one of the two licences issued through the company Symbiosys. He got the national first prize of literature in the Science category for his book “Darwin en el Plata, el descubrimiento de la evolución”.


Moderator: Guillermo Garat | Uruguay
Journalist, researcher, autor of the book “Marihuana y otras yerbas”.