Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Medicinal Cannabis Forum

Dr. Ismael Galve, Dra. María Cecilia Scorza, Stefan Martin Meyer, Dra. Leticia Cuñetti |


After the aprovation of the Law 19.172 that regulates the cannabis market, the Uruguayan society it is in a process of learning and integrating a knowledge that for a long time has been veiled. The medicinal cannabis topic is the subject of a lot of confusion. With the objective of facilitating the access to information and promoting the research in Uruguay it is born this discussion forum with the participation of the audience. A panel of national and international experts, addressing subjects such as cannabis and cancer, pharmacology, applied research, industrial and commercial possibilities for the country, and many others.


Ismael Galve, Ph. D. | Spain
Doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / UCM. He’s made great contributions, such as describing the antitumor function of cannabinoids in cancer cases.
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María Cecilia Scorza, Ph. D. | Uruguay
Biological Sciences graduate from the UDELAR, Biological Sciences Doctorate from PEDECIBA, Uruguay, she holds a post-doctoral degree from the Biomedical Research Institute Barcelona, Spain.
Permanent Professor (5th degree) in the Experimental Neuropharmacology Department of the Biological Research Institute Clemente Estable, IIBCE. She specializes in the Neurobiology tied to psychiatric pathologies and emotional states; in the study of the mechanisms of action in antidepressant, anxiolytic and antipsychotic pharmaceuticals; in drug abuse and addiction and the role of adulterants; in the participation of the intestine-brain axis in regulating emotional states, and the medicinal use of cannabis due to its therapeutic potential in various brain pathologies.

Stefan Martin Meyer | Switzerland
MBA, is CEO of Phytoplant Research S.L. and President of the BoD of Vivacell Biotechnology Espan ̃a S.L, two companies involved in phytocannabinoid research. He has a decade of experience in the development of medicinal and cannabis-based health-food products.

Leticia Cuñetti, MD. | Uruguay
Doctor of Medicine, she specializes in Nephrology and Pharmacology.
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Moderator: Lic. Marcos Baudean | Uruguay
Sociologist, Associated Professor of Research Methodology in ORT University Uruguay, and independent researcher of public policies.