Cannabis Political Forum

Cannabis Political Forum

Cannabis Political Forum

Dr. Juan Andrés Roballo, Dr. Daniel Radío, Lic. Fernando Amado, Dr. Martin Lema |


Four years after regulation, we invite prominent figures of Uruguay’s main political parties to discuss it and the potential cannabis holds for the country. Bringing to the table different visions on the subject, challenges that are being faced and proposals for the future from every sector.


Dr. Juan Andrés Roballo | Uruguay, Assistant Secretary to the Presidency, representing the National Government
Pro-Secretary of the Presidency. President of the National Drug Board. He is Doctor in Law and Social Science from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He has published numerous articles in the areas of professional expertise. He was General Inspector for Labour and Social Security in the Ministry of Labour. He was a member of the House of Representatives for the Department of Montevideo. He is member of the Frente Amplio party and was the Coordinator of the Government Caucus. He was a researcher and advisor of the Institute of Legal and Social Studies of Uruguay (IELSUR).

Martin Lema, Ph. D. | Uruguay, Congressman from the National Party
Doctorate in Law and Social Studies from the Universidad de la República, he’s a national representative of Montevideo Department from the National Party. Member of the Health Commission of the Latin American Parliament.

Lic. Fernando Amado | Uruguay, Congressman from the Colorado Party
Political Sciences graduate from the Universidad de la República and writer, known by his research books on freemasonry and Opus Dei in Uruguay. His involvement with the CP began in 2001 after attending a political formation course given by the party. He was a part of the Foro Batllista until 2006, and was then incorporated to Vamos Uruguay, a sector led by Pedro Bordaberry, which he later left. He’ll be a potential candidate for presidency in the coming national elections, by the Colorado Party.

Daniel Radío, MD. | Uruguay, Congressman from the Independent Party
He’s a Doctor of Medicine, former Family and Community Medicine resident. National representative of Canelones Department from the Independent Party. Member of the Special Drugs and Addictions Commission and of the Constitution, Codes, General Legislation and Administration Commission. He’s Chairman of the Research Commission of the A.S.S.E. (State Health Services Administration)

Moderator: Lic. Denise Mota | Brazil
Journalist, specialized in Latin American integration, holds a master’s degree in regional integration in Mercosur from San Paulo University. Author of “Distant Neighbors – Film Circulation in Mercosur” (published in Brazil by Annablume in 2007)
Columnist in the radio show No Toquen Nada (Del Sol FM) and Portal 180. She’s been writing for the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo for the last 21 years. She’s also a collaborator with the BBC in Portuguese and co-hosts the TV show 3356 (Uruguayan National Television).
Photograph: Pata Torres/Difusión Del Sol FM.