Patricia Amiguet

Patricia Amiguet

Patricia Amiguet

Co-founder of the State Network of Antiprohibitionist Women of Spain | Espa√Īa


Antiprohibitionist Feminism

The war on drugs in the world has as its greatest victims women and trans women, especially in Latin America, and in almost the entire world, users are criminalized. This international Forum with representatives from Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay aims to visualize the situation of vulnerability in which the female gender is in the context of drugs in general and cannabis in particular. As well as, offer solutions and perspectives for the approach to human rights and health.

Patricia Amiguet

Co-founder of the State Network of Antiprohibitionist Women of Spain

Cannabis activist, anti-prohibitionist and feminist. Graduated S. in Management and Finance and student of the Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at UNED. Founder of the Pachamama Cannabis Association, president of the CatFAC (Federation of Cannabis Associations of Catalonia), Co-founder of REMA (State Network of Anti-prohibitionist Women on drugs) and of the member project Cannabis Women, Spokesperson of the ConFAC (Confederation of Cannabis Federations).

He has been part of the team promoting several legislative initiatives: such as the La Rosa Verda Popular Legislative Initiative, by which the activity of cannabis clubs in Catalonia was regulated (Law overturned by the Constitutional Court for entering into criminal matters) , has participated in the creation of the different versions of the Code of Good Practices of the Cannabis Associations of Catalunya or the materialization of the First Encounter of Cannabis Women of 2016 in Barcelona.


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Polita Pepper

Co-Founder of the Asociación Civil Cannativa A C and the Latin American Network of Cannabis Women.

Master in Social Anthropology from the Center for Research and Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS). She is Co-Founder of the CANNATIVA AC Civil Association, an Association for multidisciplinary studies of medicinal plants and entheogens, and is part of the driving force of the Latin American Network of Cannabis Women since its creation in 2016. She is a contributor to the cannabis culture magazines: Hemp and Haze. She is currently doing a Doctorate in Social Anthropology from the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) on the production of cannabis in indigenous communities.


Maria José Miles

President of the Federation of Cannabis Clubs of Uruguay – FeCCU

Member of the CLUC membership cannabis club since 2014. Lesbian, feminist and with a degree in economics. Member of Nada Crece a la Sombra, a socio-educational, urban planning and health project in prisons.

President of the Federation of Cannabis Clubs of Uruguay, a group made up of cannabis clubs regulated by law 19,172. The FeCCU is committed to the club model as a solution to legal access, to continue advancing in rights and adding value to our society.



Mercedes Ponce de Leon

Co-Director and Founder of EXPOCANNABIS URUGUAY and CBH. He is a member of the CECAM Board of Directors.

Mercedes is a benchmark in cannabis and has been actively working in the industry since 2008 when in California she specialized in the different stages of medical cannabis production. In 2013, prior to the approval of Regulation Law 19,172, it organized an official tour for representatives of the Uruguayan government and other organizations specialized in drug policy, touring California providing information on this regulatory model. In 2014 it launched, with its partners, EXPOCANNABIS URUGUAY, an information and articulation platform for the industry. As of today, it is the main event of its kind in Uruguay and Latin America, and is an international benchmark and pioneer in aspects that are replicated in similar events. In 2020 they launch Cannabis Business Hub – CBH, a platform for promoting business in the cannabis industry at an international level. Mercedes promoted the creation of the Chamber of Medicinal Cannabis Companies in Uruguay – Cecam, where she participates in the Board of Directors. She has participated in several international conferences, the most recent being an MJ Biz Daily webinar on the Latin American cannabis industry. Mercedes believes that cannabis is a great opportunity for the agro-industrial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčUruguay, providing innovation, sources of work and investment in aspects that today are far from being developed.



Nermi Zappia

President of the Unicorn Garden Cannabis Cultivation Club and Cultural Association
User, grower, cannabis activist. Founder of the Women and Cannabis Workshop in Argentina at the National Women’s Meeting and of said organization. President of the Jard√≠n del Unicornio Cannabis Cultivation Club and Cultural Association (1st visible in Argentina). Participant in the 1st Crop for Research purposes in Argentina, in the Cannabis and Health Project of the National University of La Plata. Speaker at the Course for Promoters in Cannabis Therapeutics at UNLP. Participant in the Free Cannabis and Health Chair of the UNLP